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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Throw in the towel or use it as a scarf

There are times when you know you should throw in the towel on something but don't want too. I feel like that with running vendor events. I have put on 6 in the past year with a friend. I thought I wanted to stop and had said so. But now I'm like I want to keep giving it a try. 

I fee like rather than throwing in the towel I'll wear it as a scarf and keep trying. I feel like I just haven't found the right venue. I know I have talents that could put on an awesome event but after a day like today I feel like the towel should be thrown. 

I will have my website live in the next week or so which will be directly related to vendor/craft shows and direct sales and crafters. Maybe that's where I need to focus my attention. Prior to planning events I passed on event info as I found them to other vendors. I loved doing that. Then I thought I'd plan them. 

So it's time to make the pros and cons list and make the final decision. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Laugh Out Loud class

I made the leap and registered for a improv class at Laugh Out Loud.  I've wanted to do it for a few years now but finally got the nerve to do it. It could be interesting in a good way.  It will bring me out of my shell more. Not that I'm always in it.  But on some things I am.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Vendor Events

There is nothing like going to a vendor event.  It doesn't matter if I make money or not, I am out there getting myself and my product out there.  Sometimes I make my money back and sometimes I don't.  The key is knowing that in time something will come out of it.  It could a month later or months later.  I have made some wonderful friends and connections.  I wouldn't change it for the world.

So rather than look at it as a negative make it a positive.  The people you meet are just as rewarding as the money.  Don't get me wrong I go to the events to make money but it is like anything when, you make it a negative thing and you will continue to get the negative things back.  So always make it positive and you will get the positive things back.  Those people I meet are connections to other people who may want my product so be positive and make nice with everybody.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bungee Jumping

I was thinking about bungee jumping the other day.  I have never done it because I really don't want my boobs to cover my face.  Not to mention the fact that I'd end up with a lemonade shakeup because I'm sure I'd pee myself.  On the other hand it could be the answer to a lot of plastic surgeries and at a cost of the price.  Things would go back into their place.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Rainbow Loom

I have so many Rainbow Loom bracelets its crazy.  When I started last year I sold them for $1 at vendor events when I was selling candles.  Then I would donate the money to The Prayer Child Foundation.  While I'm still making them, I'm not doing anything with them.  I have been thinking lately to donate them to a children's hospital so that kids can enjoy them.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Work and changes

While I miss the little guy I used to babysit for, I am looking forward to starting my new job on Monday.  It is temporary while the admin is on maternity leave and I am ok with that.  After being at a retail clothing job with a manager who is controlling, I am thrilled about it.  I actually gave my 2 week notice there and my last day is October 2.  I made it a month working there.  I have worked in a clothing store and a video store before and have worked in the corporate office of a major drugstore chain over the past 20 years or so.  I am full aware of how retail works and how business works. Heck I have a part time candle business that I am working on making full time and am starting my own website.  So for a manager to tell me I don't know anything about profitability is a crock.  My decision was made based on what is best for me.  Plus her controlling, and know it all attitude helped in the decision.

My boyfriend got a call about a job in Iowa.  Mind you we live in the suburbs of Chicago.  While I am going through every emotion in the book, deep down I know he needs to take it since construction work is slow here.  He will be 4 hours away and when I get the chance I will drive to him.  It is a 4 hour drive so I am glad that I can drive it and I have a friend down in the area where he will be that I recently reconnected with.  We have been together for 11 years and this is just one of things that we need to go through as it is life.  People do it all the time.  We can too.  Our love will bring us through it.