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Saturday, April 23, 2016

RIP Prince.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Waking up before the butt crack of dawn

Not sure who's idea it was to wake up before the birds aka before the butt crack of dawn, but I decided to get yet another part time job at a big shipping company.  I swear that not even a bat was still awake at 3 am when I had to be there to load trucks.  Its like a completely different world.  A world that I liked to sleep through.

Needless to say I didn't last a full week.  I went to orientation and 2 days of package handler training and 1 day of actually doing it.

While I may be big I can still move and lift things but it was rough.  I knew that by the end of the week when I couldn't keep my eyes open that I was done.  So moving on to bigger and better things and sticking to my other jobs I have going on.  Those keep me in my blonde world and I still can be successful.

So to all those that work during sleeping hours.  I applaud you because I couldn't do it.  I decided I'm too blonde for it or something.  I do think I'm missing something not being able to function at that time.  Especially since money couldn't motivate my ass.  Oh well back to other things.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Easter Letter the sequel to the Christmas Letter of 2015

Since Christmas Billy Bob went back into hiding after his comedy tour.  Ursula, his sister has been Alaska growing oranges and hasn't had a crop yet because the snow is still on the ground.

The twins Agnes and Augustus are in Antarctica raising Butterflies and Roses.  There has been some color in the area now and the penguins and seals are loving it.

Buck the Golden Retriever, is still running a fish grooming business on Mars.  He has a lot of new clients and has had to hire a fish to help him groom.  Skippy the Iguana is still floating around space looking for space garbage to send back to other planets for recycling.  He hasn't given up on his recycling space garbage dream yet.

As for me, I’m working a full time normal job and trying to keep circus of kids and creatures away from fuzzy bunnies and the chairs.  The dirt farm is taking off and I'm starting to make a profit so I'll have some retirement money coming in during the purple years.

So we are all off to a good start of 2016. Until the next holiday letter I hope you've lots of dreams and rainbows in your life.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The politics and reality TV

I am beginning to think that I need to vote for a reality TV star for president.  The level of mud slinging in the political arena is getting as bad as what it on any of the Real House Wives, Teen Mom, Mob Wives....I could go on but you get the picture.

I think we should get rid of the Electoral college and have a candidate evicted each week until there is one standing, like on Big Brother.   Picture it now, Trump and Clinton in the backyard doing some game to win head of household.  Trump wins by getting the most slime balls.  Then he nominates people to put up for eviction, like Sanders and Carson.  They state why they want to stay in the race and all the other candidates vote for which one to stay.  The vote happens and Sanders is evicted.   One day Zingbot shows up in the house and start zinging them all.  Saying that Hilary sent emails  to the universe and that Trump built a wall to keep the fish from leaving the ocean.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Flashback to the 1980's

After, shopping for clothes I've come to the conclusion the 1980's are coming back to haunt me.  There are acid washed jeans and florissant colored tops.  I wanted to go running with my arms in the air out of the store.  At the time it was cool to dress like that and use an entire can of Vavoom or Aqua-net hairspray on our hair.  I'm talking about an entire can in one day. Hey, you can't get 6 feet hair without a lot of hairspray and teasing. Add a perm to it and you'd be cleared for take off on a windy day. Then there's the 6 inces of makeup on our faces.

I am still trying to figure out how I spent so much time doing makeup and hair that I actually made it to school on time.  Then once in school touching up hair and makeup again I'm surprised I learned anything.  But I must have learned something because the school gave me a diploma on graduation day.  

So the next time I go shopping I'll just avoid the 1980's clothes and stick with my plain clothes, little makeup, and flat hair. That way I won't look like Animal from the Muppets when I run out of the store. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Speed Limit Sign Birthday

Two days ago I turned 45. Yes, my age now equals a speed limit sign. While I worked both jobs that day, I still enjoyed it. I am blessed and grateful to be able to still work among other things. Of course I'd rather be off that day but it wasn't in the cards. So I made the most of it and smiled all day.

I will of course have lots of dinners coming up because it's hard to coordinate all the family and friends. I figure it's a great way to stretch out the birthday celebrations. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Antique flea markets

Today I'm at an antique flea market. I have a booth that was given to me by my Tastefully Simple upline. She couldn't do it so she passed it on. So I packed up what I was going to take and put it aside. Then I got to thinking that I could sell some of my "junk". Now I use the word junk in a good way. Because not all junk is really junk when it's someone else's treasure. 

So I set up my booth and almost immediately I start selling my junk. Someone asked about an old the thermometer that I had and I said $3. She was like oh no it's worth more than that. I'll pay $10. I'm sitting there thinking that's not the way this works. You pay what I ask for or ask if I'll take lower. Not ask if I'll take more. So I was like ok I'll take your $10. Heck I got it for free, so see ya thermometer and hello money. 

The people that come though are definitely interesting. I love dealing with them and I always end up with some weird crazy story. There's still an hour left so let's see what happens.