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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Origami Owl

I decided to sell Origami Owl. It's a great company. You can dealing your own locket. You can pick you necklace, locket, and charms. The charms move around so they look different all the time. You can even change out the charms. They are called living lockets. 

It's a great addition to my Gold Canyon Candle business. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend of Events

I had a weekend full of events. One was out of town and one was in town. It as fun and had a lot of learning lessons. I don't believe in drama and gossip. While I try to stay out of it I know it's not realistic. There's always drama and I have just learned how to walk away or move on.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Your drama is yours and yes I make mistakes

Peoples stupid drama needs to stay away from me. Hence why I only have a few good friends. 

They know I make mistakes and don't think I'm out up get them. So they don't go ape shit bat crazy when I make them. ���� They move on when I tell them I was doing something and text them by mistake. Shit�� happens. 

So people move on. Life is too short to make it a pile of shit and baby snot. 

On a brighter note the baby I watched hasn't peed on me in months while I change his diaper. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ideas and helping family whose heads are up their asses.

I love it when someone comes to me and says we need to start a business together. I respond with yes let's do it. We had a few ideas a few years ago let's revisit and sit down and talk and get it rolling. Then nothing out of her.  So I go on my merry way selling candles and setting up events. Again she comes back with it again. I'm like ok what are you thinking. She tells me and I am like ok it's doable. Once again ball drops on her end. I continue on and hear from family that her head is up her ass. I'm like yea I offered many options but ball always dropped on her end so I figured she must not need it that bad. Which I know she does. 

So I hear that she is doing something. Good I'm glad. But don't come to me saying you want to start something when you already have something going. Yes we are family and families tend to help each other. But I cannot help if you don't let me. So suck it. I'm going to continue on doing my thing and if you to use my services down the road you'll probably end up having to pay for them like everyone else since the offer for free help has been there for quite awhile and you choose to keep your head up your ass. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Tips on vendor events for those signing up

Ok people it's really not that hard. There are 2 of us that are planning events. She sends out the contracts and I invoice them via paypay when she says she hast sent the invoice. Some of these people should not be dealing with the public because they call us saying they cannot find the invoice or contract. We have listed who does what and not our fault your a stupid fuck who get too much email and doesn't check your spam folder or other folders to see if the email is in there. Here are some tips. 

1.     Check your spam folder. If you don't and your invoice from paypay made it there. Opppps your a fucktard who missed paying now your spot in our event is gone. 

2.     Read and follow how we want you to responds when requesting events. Yes we said to list what dates you want once we post it.  Opppps again your a fucktard who cannot follow simple instructions. 

3.     No drama. Hello your not in high school or grade school. We are not daycare center workers either. Put your big girl or boy pants on and deal with it. 

4.     Stop being a fucktard. Not my problem you don't know how to use email and cannot find anything. Then 30 minutes later find it and send it all back. Your stupid and get some glasses. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Drool, poop, spit up, etc

There are many things that come out of a baby out of different holes.  Drool and spit up/throw up out of the mouth and pee and poop out of the other end. Drool is the most disgusting. For some reason the 7 month old baby decides to drool and stick his hands in his mouth and then rubs it all over my face.  He does it when he's having his bottle. He knows he's laying on one arm and the other is holding the bottle. It's not like the pee or pope end up on me. The spit up does sometimes but that doesn't bother me as much as drool.  Maybe because the drool goes on for months and months all the time. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wrestling while changing or feeding the baby

When did changing or feeding a baby become a sport?  Diaper changes become a mess.  The pants come off ok.  Once the tabs are loose on the diaper he's off and rolling and army crawling.  Hello Bubba Boy there's poop on your butt.  So it comes to the childless female holding the baby down gently with one hand while trying to clean poop with the other.  It gets done and we have both had a workout.

Then it is time to eat.  Yea you know the bottle with the formula.  If he's not craning his neck to see the dog, what is going on outside, or watching Yo Gabba Gabba, he's touching my face, poking me in the eye, or trying to dig for gold in my nose.  Hey that's my gold up there Bubs.  You'll get some when I pick my own nose and give it to you.

Most days I feel Bubba Boy has won the Gold for wrestling.  Other days it's me.  I just have to think like a 7 month old boy instead of a 43 year old female.  No problem.

Have a great weekend.